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Cold Storage
by Robert Fruehan


February 13, 2005

In response to Frances Field. I polled business owners at near the beginning of this project way before any location for it had been thought up. As far as competing with local cold storages, I have never heard of them offering their cold storage space made available for rent? Why is it considered competing with them? I believe they can all be kept full and more products made, but they have to be willing to explore new ideas, not just be satisfied with "the way we have always done it". Maybe even try working together, much smaller communities have benefited greatly from having a cold storage and they have competing companies that utilize the same space.

As far as Mr McRoberts comments, Managing a cold storage requires a person whom is organized. With that being said, all of your fears about quality can be taken care of by communication and organization. Quality of fish is maintained through temperature control, proper handling and dealing with the oldest fish first. Keeping things separated and organized in a freezer is easy, it just takes dedication and diligence to keeping it that way. It sounds like you think if the Cold storage existed that it would be run by a bunch of clowns who cannot put on the same colored socks in the morning. This is simply not true. There are many qualified people living in Ketchikan who have worked for a variety of cold storages. This is not a project that the KCSA wants to have fail or one that is designed to take care of a select few people to bilk money from the taxpayers.

For all of you who have these opinions, have you talked to any KCSA members to see what the information is? I challenge all of you to talk to them and then see if your opinion remains the same.

Also Mr. Hoff, where do you get your information about the decline of fishing resources? We have well managed fisheries, near the best in the world for sustainable fisheries. This is not going to change because we build a cold storage.

And I know about costs as I have been involved in the industry for over 13 years from all aspects of it, it has nothing to do with being a "genie", Mr Ellis is correct.

I cannot publish my facts and figures in SitNews as I conducted this a couple of years ago and never gave it to anyone, you will simply have to take my word for it. Frances is right though, it depends on who you ask. I asked business owners whom I thought would utilize such a facility. Whom did you ask?

Mr. Tatsuda is a well known successful business owner in Ketchikan, I would suggest you all read his comments as he too is correct.

This of course is just my opinion but thats what SitNews is all about!

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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