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Cold Storage Interest Survey?
by Frances Field


February 12, 2005

Mr. Fruehan said he took an interest survey in Ketchikan and asked people whether or not they wanted the cold storage. He found 90% of the people he talked to thought the cold storage was a good idea. I took an interest poll too, and 90% of the people I polled didn't think it was a good idea, and yes, I polled local Ketchikan residents. I wonder who and how many people Mr. Fruehan polled. As both of our surveys show, results depend on who you ask.

If the Ketchikan cold storage is approved, what's next, a Borough owned jewelry store? The Borough should not be competing with private businesses. Some people believe that competition would be good for the existing cold storages. However, the competition is not on a level playing field. The Ketchikan cold storage would have a greater advantage due to not having to pay property taxes and by having State and Federal funding. There is no way the privately owned cold storages would not be able to compete. If this passes, it will set a horrible precedent. Is this what Ketchikan wants, a socialist town where businesses are owned by the local government, where the government competes with privately owned businesses? It is simply not reasonable to use tax payer's money to compete with private industry. Why is it that when the State has money to give out, people are willing to take it, no matter the cost and consequences?

Frances Field
Haines, AK - USA



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