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The theory of evolution or fear and rage
by George Miller


February 05, 2005

Greetings to Signe Markuson! And responding to fear and rage. Concerning the theory of evolution, or fear and rage in Darwin's camp. I am comforted that Flip Wilson was not quoted, though he may, in his mockery, have been close to the actual state of affairs, that some diabolical intelligence is to blame. However, we do make our own decisions about just who we follow in this life. I, along with Signe Markuson, hope those who are actually searching for the truth will read the Bible and consider the claims of Jesus, who was crucified for saying He is equal with God. Genuine spiritual truth is not able to be rationally explained, it is spiritual, not having its origin with us of other finite stuff. The Bible Signe Markuson refers to says the natural mind is incapable of grasping spiritual truth, and is in fact at war with God. So coming to peace with God through Jesus Christ is the way offered to get our mind re-formatted to become spiritually useful.

God in His mercy, does have a sense of humor. An educated man, Voltaire, was known to have promised to stamp out the myth of Christ during his lifetime. Voltaire is long gone, and reported to have died in horror of his destination. Currently, his fine home is the center of Bible distrubution for a large, well known, Bible society.

George Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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