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I found my soapbox
by Tom Scott


February 02, 2005

Ha ... I found my soapbox. It was buried deep in the closet, right where my wife stuck it after my last spasmatic bought of opinions. She swears up and down she's not giving it back until I run for public office! Something about putting my money where my mouth is? She's off at a basketball game now so I'm gonna scramble back up on it and I hope you would all listen for just a moment.

My Grandfather fought in the second world war. There was rarely a day that he wouldn't speak of the sacrafices that he and his friends had to endure defending OUR freedom. The same freedom that allows me to stand before you and voice this opinion. The same one that allows you to get up, disagree with me if you so wish, and head on down to the store for a gallon of milk. When I was younger I didn't grasp the concept that well. Now, looking back, I see it all so clearly. I remember the pictures that he took while standing on the battlefields, and how he would show them to us, his grandkids, and speak of pride, of freedom, and sadly, most of all, loss friends and what they endured. My grandfather is no longer with us. Even now I sometimes cry at his passing, He was a good man! He fought so that we may have this day!

Whether or not you agree with our Commander and Chief, that is your choice. Whether or nought you agree with our Congress, that is also your choice. whether or nought you agree or disagree with our foriegn policy, your choice. whether our not you are Republican, Democrat or entirely independent, guess what? It's your choice. Freedom of choice is one of the many privilidges that were handed down to you by men like my grandfather. We should never lose sight of that. EVER!

Tuesday I read Cathy and Kara's letters regarding the theft of their "Support our troops" magnets. My heart felt heavy. Why would anyone do such a thing as low as that? By doing this it is almost like you have spit upon the graves of the men and women that have died to allow you the freedom to walk upon this very land. If you don't like the war , that's one thing, but hear me now, no one likes war. No one wants our people to die. But as a nation we need to lock arms and support the men and women on the front lines. So that they might look over their shoulder and see that we are behind them as one. One nation, under God. They are doing it for the love of thier country. Those magnets are one small way for us to express that we see them, we love them, and we want to see them home. That is our choice! Respect it!

I guess I'll step off the soap box and hide it back in the closet before I get caught! Otherwise I'll have to run for Mayor before my wife will let me have it back!

Good night all!

Thomas Scott
Ketchikan, AK - USA

One final thought. I would doubt that there are many among us that have ever witnessed a genocide, or the wrath of an "ethnic cleansing". Such as what was introduced in the second world war with the Jewish population. That still happens today... In Somalia. and many, many more. I'm proud that we, as a nation , stand up against that. we need to! Who else will?

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