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"Support our Troops" magnet swiping
by Kara (McElroy) Steele


January 31, 2005

Wow, it's not just in Ketchikan about the "Support our Troops" magnet swiping. Mine happened to be when the rallying was going on up in Anchorage before the Iraq elections and I happened to be up there overnight. I awoke to my "Support our Troops" magnet being gone off the tailgate of my 4Runner. Sorta ticked me off. But then read later that a lot of people who are not supporting the war and President Bush are the culprits. Makes me sick to my stomach to even see this starting in this day and age. We treated our Vietnam vets like dogs when they came home, is it going to be the same for our guys over in Iraq defending us so we can ALL sleep well at night? I certainly hope that isn't the case. In my eyes, that's what it says to me.

We all should support those guys over there 110%! Have you seen what sort of living conditions they are putting up with for this effort to keep America safe? Makes me sleep a lot more sound at nite. The stealersof these magnets can keep rippin them off my rig all they want, I bought a stash of them to just keep puttin' on my truck whenever one gets stolen to keep people reminded of why our people are over there in the first place, September 11, 2001. Where were you when the twin towers fell to the ground --- and the Pentagon was crashed into --- a small bunch of pround Americans charged the terrorists in the hijacked plane they were in and crashed it over a grassy field that kept the Capitol from being a target? NEVER forget why we are there.

Peace, love and all the best to my fellow and female friends in Ktown.

Kara (McElroy) Steele
Kenai AK - USA

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