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RE: State troopers not wanting to get involved
By Gary Keele


January 03, 2011

As a parent here in Ketchikan I can understand the absolute concern about the Troopers Not wanting to get involved and being rude. I have a 16 year old daughter that is in RYC Again ( Thank You Jack for all you have done for us).

Having a heart condition I was approached by a Guardian Ad Litem that offered to take in my child to give me some time to try to rest, and I gave them temporary custody after meeting with the man and his wife and all our concerns addressed such as who our daughter wasn't to see, curfews, and was told that their rules would be very strict. But as soon as they had custody they sent her on a vacation out of state with a person that I had an anti-stalking order against the week earlier, even sending me messages on how she was doing with them, only to get told by my oldest daughter to look at the 16 year old's Facebook, showing her in Virginia, Washington D.C. with her ADULT boyfriend and his Mother violating our agreement.

I revoked their guardianship the next morning and went to file a report with the police and the State Troopers and I got the same quote from both agencies -- You can't lend somebody your car and then change your mind and report it stolen. I bet if it was their child they would have done something. The Troopers where rude and very short like I was wasting their time.

Gary Keele
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 29, 2010 - Published January 03, 2011


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