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By Diane Szurleys


December 29, 2010
Wednesday AM

On Sunday, Dec. 26th my daughter and her son took the dog to Ward Lake for some exercise. 30 min. after they left, she called me to say they went off the road and were in a ditch. She told me not to come down the Ward Lake road, just wait for them at the top. I drove to the top and saw the three girls flagging people and telling them not to go down the road. I explained that I was waiting for my daughter and sat in my car watching the girls do their job. I parked across the street and saw the trooper car coming, I got out and tried to flag him down. He drove right past me and the girls, then turned around and talked to the girls. He never came to see me. I kept thinking 'what if I was hurt he didn't even ask me if I was OK.' After he left I talked to the girls and they were very upset, as I was because he showed no concern. My daughter came up the road and we went home to try to get a tow.

While home, I called the troopers and was treated very rudely by the man that answered the phone, all he kept saying was "we aren't responsible, the road is closed." I asked him to at least put a sign at the top of the street warning people and was told they were doing that. We went back to meet the tow truck and saw the sign at the beginning of the road at N.Tongass!!!! I couldn't believe that the trooper actually thought that was going to help the situation. I spent the next 2 hours taking over for the girls, warning people at the beginning of the road while the tow truck worked getting out the 3 cars.

My opinion of the troopers is not good right now, funny, I got a call asking to donate to their fundraiser yesterday, I said no and will continue to do so now. I taught my children to respect the police and troopers, but now I understand why people are losing that respect for them. I know those 3 girls will never forget what happened and how they were treated.

Diane Szurleys
Ward Cove, AK



Received December 28, 2010 - Published December 29, 2010


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