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Johansen vows to fight recall effort


January 24, 2011
Monday PM

(SitNews) - Ketchikan Republicans are planning a petition to recall their district’s only state House member, Rep. Kyle Johansen reports Ketchikan Public Radio.

KRBD reports that the Republican district chair for Ketchikan, Dick Coose, says that the law does not allow a recall application within 120 days of the start of the legislative session. As a result the application will be turned in after mid-May, about a month after this year’s session ends. The recall decision was made last week.

In the SitNews' news review of 2010, Dave Kiffer wrote, "State Representative Kyle Johansen was easily elected to his third term in Juneau from District One, but then immediately shocked locals by walking out of the Majority Coalition and giving up his seat as House Majority leader. The walkout occurred during the leadership organizational meeting in mid November."

"Johansen contended that he did so for political reasons because he didn’t like the “anti-development” direction that the caucus was taking. Caucus members replied that Johansen and Rep. Charisse Millett of Anchorage left the caucus because Millet was not given a committee chairmanship that she sought. Millett and Johansen are close friends, but Johansen denied at a public meeting in Ketchikan in December that they are a couple," wrote Kiffer.

Some local Republicans have expressed interest in attempting to recall Johansen but the earliest that could occur could be the summer of 2011 wrote Kiffer.

At the public meeting in Ketchikan in December, Johansen assured residents that he would be a member of the majority coalition and have a leadership position when the legislature convened in January. (Neither Johansen nor Millet were back in the coalition when the Legislature convened on Jan. 18).

Some local Republicans started expressing an interest at that time in attempting to recall Johansen.

Representative Kyle Johansen commented this morning on District One GOP recall actions. 

Johansen said in his prepared statement, “While I respect the right of the Republican Party leaders in Ketchikan to take this step, I am disappointed that they have chosen to do so.  I strongly disagree with their attempt to thwart the will of the people as expressed in the November election and I plan to vigorously fight this effort."

"I am currently in Juneau doing the job District One voters elected me for, and I intend to dedicate every ounce of energy and focus I have," said Johansen. "My extensive experience in the Capital Building (6 years as District One staff, 4 years as Ketchikan City and Borough lobbyist and 4 years as Legislator) will continue to be an advantage to our district.  There is a lot of work to do over the next three months, and that is my sole focus. I have been and will continue to be an effective voice for District One and come the end of this session my record will prove it,” he said.

Quoting the news release, "In order to remain focused on the issues and priorities relevant to the residents of District One and the State there will be no further comment from Representative Johansen on this issue during the legislative session."


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