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RE: Obamas Czars (Ooooh Please)
By Bill Nelson


January 06, 2010

When I was in Biology class, Evan, we respected our teachers, classmates and the learning institution enough that we were not disruptive or trying to draw attention to ourselves. We were there to learn, Evan, can you say the same?

One of the things that I was taught while growing up was to respect my elders and thier viewpoints even if I was in disagreement. Please notice that I said respect not agree.

Perhaps you do not agree with Mr. Johnson's viewpoint, that is your right. However, your disrespectful rant and cherry picking of words to suit your agenda does not make your viewpoint any more valid than his.

Maybe your viewpoint would have been better served if you would have suggested to the readers that they Google or research the czars names provided by Al Johnson for themselves and then the readers could come to thier own informed conclusions. "Ooooh" but then that might also be contrary to your agenda.

I would ask that all the readers here research these czars for themselves thru as many sources as are available to you and then come to your own conclusions. Then act. (Evan, I would not be so presumptuous as to tell the readers what to think.)

I hope that most of Obama's policies fail to be enacted, does that make me a racist? By the way my Dr. is a person of color as are both of my sister in-laws and several of my nieces and nephews.

Bill Nelson
North Saint Paul, MN

About: "50 something unapologetic American, sick and tired of the speed that this government is spending my (our) Grandchildren's money to buy votes to stay in power and line thier pockets at our expense."

Received January 06, 2009 - Published January 06, 2010


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