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RE: Obama Czars (Ooooh Please)
By Evan Bolling


January 04, 2010
Monday PM

When I was in biology class, we would have "periodic" lab hours (lame pun, I know). I strolled into class one day, rather groggy but was immediately stimulated by the congested smell of formaldehyde, latex and VERY raw pork. "Heck Yes! We are going to be dissecting pig fetuses today!" I said out-loud. We picked and pried at all the little parts inside, and that is exactly what Al Johnson's article "Obama Czars" is in desperate need of, a painstaking dissection.

I was not going to even respond to the article until I read a response on SitNews. It was then I realized, "Oh my stars! People are actually taking this man seriously." I wouldn't have been surprised if the Editor had blockaded Johnson's article with all of its racism and bigotry, which although are well w/in first amendment rights, they exist border line inappropriate for SitNews.

Johnson is out to prove the un-American/unconstitutional positions of Obama's Czars. I did some math, Johnson gives about 80 rationales apparently evincing how the 34 Czars are either un-American or how their positions are unconstitutional. A majority of these "reasons" have nothing at all to do with constitutionality or Un-American principles, and the rest should be taken w/a grain of salt since the statements are so choicy and poorly summarized only a fool on an errand would buy them. In fact about 65% or 52/80 falls under the category of totally meaningless. Just so everyone is aware of what I considered nonsequitor, I will include a list. 1. Being Liberal 2. Black Rights Activism 3. Pro Abortion (Roe V. Wade) wouldn't this fall under a more constitutional opinion than not....since oh I don t know it s constitutional! 4. Environmental Activism. (Damn earth, why can't you just clean yourself! Cats do it!) 5. Union Member (Regan..Actors Guild Union.....) 6. Affirmative Action (so...they are in favor of the anti-American!) 7. Personal Sexual Orientation (What applicability does that hold?) 8. Human Rights Activist (???) 9. Holding high offices where they received no black marks for ex. Navy Admiral, Chief of Staff for Kennedy, Chief of Police in Seattle (which is apparently bad because Seattle has a liberal leaning), and Director of National Network to End Domestic Violence 10. Things like, "Friend of Hilary Clinton" who I would like to add has been named the most admired woman in America 14 times, most recently this year. Congrats Hilary! Oh and does Johnson legitimately expect us to believe 50% of Obama s Czars are anti-business?

Overall Johnson's article would make even the most horrible cynic regurgitate it up in a slobbery mess. It is racist, mostly extraneous and the only point Johnson proved in his article was that he doesn't like these guys. Bravo Johnson! Bravo! A truly profound sentiment. Wow.

Evan Bolling
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Resident 20 years."

Received January 04, 2009 - Published January 04, 2010


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