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Marion Jones
By Sandra Rusin McCray


January 18, 2008

This letter is in response to the letter by Mr. Mike Sawyer; Executive Director of "I will Never Use Tobacco". Mr. Sawyer I beg to differ with you as to why Marion Jones was convicted. From everything that has been published and broadcasted, Marion Jones was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail for lying to Federal Investigators about her steroid use, as well as her false denial of her involvement in a check fraud scheme that was orchestrated by her former husband Tim Montgomery.

The judge did consider probation or home detention but then decided a stronger sentence was needed to send a message to the public. This message is that incarceration may make others think twice and show that no one is above the legal obligation to tell the truth.

You are wrong when you state that Marion Jones was convicted for steroid use and to try to use the Marion Jones case to advocate and promote "I will Never Use Tobacco Inc." is incredible.

Your letter deviates from the "real" reason Marion Jones was convicted. She was convicted for "Lying to Federal Investigators" and "Lying about her involvement in a check fraud Scheme".

It is unfortunate that Ms. Jones did not think of the consequences when she lied; about her involvement with Steroids or her illegal involvement in the check fraud scheme with her former husband. The unfortunate victims are her children and family. However, because she has children still does not put her above the law.

Hopefully her sentence will send a message to our youth that when you lie or cheat there will be consequences.

Sandra Rusin McCray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "10 year Resident of Ketchikan, Non-Smoker who enjoys a smokeless environment. "

Received January 17, 2008 - Published January 18, 2008


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