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Snow driving
By Patrick Branco


January 07, 2008
Monday AM

I wanted to responded to the story by Jessica Peavey called "A Little Snowy Advice for Drivers". Her story reminded me of something my father always used to say "There are only two kinds of drivers, the ones who drive too slow when you are behind them and the idiots who drive too fast". Sadly, few of us are perfect drivers. Dangerous conditions require prudence. Is it prudent to go out on the road, in the dark, in a vehicle poorly suited to the conditions? We each should decide whether a trip to Walmart is worth it. Does the driver of a big SUV with studded tires and 4 wheel drive have the right to pressure less capable vehicles to go behind their safety parameters and driving ability? Clearly not. The law requires that if you have a line of 5 or more vehicles behind you and you are driving under the posted limit, you should safely pull over and allow them to pass. This does not mean that you should bury yourself in a snow bank or inch over onto what barely passes for a shoulder on most of our roads. It means safely.

I had the good fortune to grow up in Minnesota (a land without studded tires or chains) and I learned to drive on ice and snow that stayed on the ground for 5 months of the year. That said we have lots of folks in Ketchikan that have rarely driven on snow so give each other a wide berth and stay respectful of each other (this is my advice to myself, by the way). I am sure I have been one of the impatient drivers described so accurately in this story. For that, I apologize. I will work harder at keeping a safe distance and remembering that not every car is properly equipped and not every driver is comfortable driving in snow and ice. Time is a precious commodity but certainly not more precious than life.

Patrick Branco
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Minnesota transplant"

Received January 07, 2008 - Published January 07, 2008


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