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A little "snowy" advice for the drivers..
By Jessica Peavey


December 28, 2007

To the "gentleman" who was following behind me on 12/27 around 4:30pm from about 12miles north to ward cove (where I was FINALLY able to pull over); Well Happy Holidays to you too buddy! I am assuming that your middle finger out the window as you passed me in your giant 4x4 was your way of telling me to have a wonderful new year. Oh wait, I remember the old saying about assuming things....

I'm so sorry for the traffic that I was holding up, as there was about 3 inches of snow on the road, and it was snowing so hard I could not see... and I, in my little jetta was not able to drive the speed limit, let alone keep control of my vehicle with my two small children inside.

I hope that you were able to reach your destination in one piece, because I must admit - as I was pulled over (stuck in the snow) I secretly cursed you under my breath, that you'd crash your giant 4x4 up on the next corner for not taking into consideration that NOT EVERYONE HAS A VEHICLE THAT DOES WELL IN THE SNOW!!! While I sat there for 15 minutes trying to get out of the snow pile that I had pulled into so that you would quit flashing your brights at me, I got to thinking... You're on an island. Whatever it was that you were so quick to get to...ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE. Would you have felt better if I had attempted to go the speed limit and slid off the road and crashed?

Next time you see someone driving under the posted speed limit in not so great weather conditions, think about it; I might be holding you up and you might be late...but if I crash because you are riding my (rear) wouldn't that make you more late than if you had just let me go 40pmh? You'd stop to help right? Oh there I go assuming things again!

Maybe, just maybe I was put there as your guardian "speed" angel because had you continued to go the speed limit (or faster) you would have screwed up that nice giant pickup of yours... just a thought.

Jessica Peavey
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long time reader, first time writer."

Received December 27, 2007 - Published December 28, 2007


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