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Chamber guests deserve a public apology
By Joann Flora 


January 20, 2006
Friday PM

Editor, Sitnews,
I was shocked beyond words as I read the front page article concerning the Chamber lunch. To think that guests of our Chamber of Commerce would be verbally attacked and abused during a presentation is appalling. The arrogant, angry things Mr. Conley said to and about Mr. Rubin and Ms. McCreary were without merit and insulting. I congratulate them for caring enough about their community and their neighborhood to actively participate in the discussions and planning. That they want to assist other affected residents in becoming participants is noteworthy. Have we grown so divided as a community that we can no longer discuss what is best for US? Tourists come and go, they are part of our economic picture, but this is our home. This is where we work, raise our families, and interact with our neighbors. Everyone should be able to express their opinion without being threatened by those who live in fear that they won't get their way.
I was also personally offended by Mr. Conley's negative reference to non-profit groups. I am an active member of four non-profits and contribute to countless others. A non-profit group carried in our flag at the Chamber Banquet this past weekend and the director of a non-profit received an award. The non-profit groups in Ketchikan improve the quality of our lives in ways that nothing else can. They enhance our education, entertainment, socialization, youth programs, and community health. Our economic status may allow us to live here, but our non-profits make us want to.
Dave Rubin and Bobbie McCreary deserve a public apology from J.C. Conley and the Chamber organization.
Joann Flora 
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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