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Chamber Clarifies Position Regarding Member's Remarks


January 20, 2006
Friday PM

Ketchikan, Alaska - Friday the Board President of the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce clarified the Chamber's position regarding inappropriate statements made by one of its members, J.C. Conley, at the organization's luncheon meeting Wednesday.

Board President Joe Johnston said, "We understand that some comments made at the meeting this week regarding Newtown development were of concern to some of our members and members of the general public."

"It is also unfortunate and regrettable that inappropriate language contained within comments made was published," said Johnston. "On behalf of the Chamber, we want to state that the comments made represented the viewpoints of an individual Chamber member, and did not reflect the views of the Board of Directors or the organization and its membership," said Johnston.

He said, "The Chamber has a longstanding history of having guest speakers discuss current issues in the community. Sometimes there are differences of opinion in the community on a given issue, and the differences are expressed and discussed at the Chamber in a civil and respectful manner."

Johnston said, "The Chamber intends to continue as a forum for discussion of issues in the community of concern to its members, and will reinforce with its members the need to respect differences of opinion, and, when disagreeing with a different opinion, to do so in a respectful manner."

Chamber President Joe Johnston also noted that the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce is on record in support of developing tourism in Ketchikan, specifically including the development of additional berth capacity at the Port.


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Friday - January 20, 2006


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