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Importance of Visible Street Numbers
By Scott R. Davis


January 16, 2006
Monday AM

I must applaud Jerry Cegelske's efforts in educating the public on the importance of street numbers visible from main streets in the Ketchikan area.

Often times in the South Tongass area, we too are faced with the difficulty of finding the correct building corresponding to the given street address from dispatch. This can be very frustrating for responders who must then identify each house with a number thereby eliminating those houses as the 911 caller thus finding the correct house.

This brings to mind an incident quite recently in the South Tongass area on a clear night in which members were at the fire station and responded to the 911 dispatch for an ambulance call. This department was on scene in 2 minutes. But due to the lack of house numbers, visible street addresses, and the need to eliminate structures to find the correct address, our patient contact time was nearly 6 additional minutes.

In the event of cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, or the like, this can mean the difference between a person surviving or not.

The solution would be to check your residence and the mailbox (or post) leading from the main road system to be certain your house numbers are visible to emergency responders. Numbers often times fall off of mailboxes, become dim from the elements, or are damaged by other means. Maintenance of these numbers in just as important as their installation. Numbers should be at least 4" high with a 1/2 stoke width. This is a minimum standard. Larger numbers may be necessary when visibility is poor.

In addition, if you have questions regarding the visibility of your street numbers, and/or their location, you are urged to call your local fire department for their proper location and size.

Scott R. Davis, Fire Chief
South Tongass Vol. Fire Dept.
Ketchikan AK - USA


About: Scott R. Davis is the Fire Chief of the South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department.
He has served 20 years in fire/ems services.


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