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Owl Photo
By Dave Person


January 08, 2006

Although the photo is grainy, it is almost certainly a barred owl. Barred owls are common in the area and have a call that sounds like "whoo cooks for you, whoo cooks for you all" with the ending "all" deeply resonant. The only other owl likely to be confused with the barred is the spotted owl. However, note the strong vertical streaking on the breast. Spotted owls are spotted there, not streaked. Spotted owls also have a bark-like rather that a hooing call. To my knowledge spotted owls have never been documented in Alaska.

Dave Person
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Dave Person is a research wildlife biologist with Alaska Dept. Fish and Game


Related Photo (Updated with owl's name added):

'Hoo, hoo, too-HOO' Photograph by Sabra Lichty & Spotlighter Justin Ming



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