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Lake Harriet Hunt Trash
By Jerry Cegelske


January 03, 2006

Steve Smeltzer from Juneau came to Ketchikan over the Holidays.  While here, he decided to go to Lake Harriet Hunt.  Afterwards he sent me an e-mail to let me know about the great views of Lake Harriet Hunt.  I think the photos speak for themselves.  Just makes you want to go there and enjoy the views!  I'm sure whoever left the barbque there wouldn't mind if you used it, so take some burgers and hot dogs and have a good time.

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Jerry Cegelske is a Code Enforcement Officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.


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letter Trash By Steve Smeltzer - Juneau, AK - USA

jpg Lake Harriet Hunt Trash

Trash on the shore of Lake Harriet Hunt

Barbque grill

Nails from burned pallets

Barbque grill

Trash strewn on the road

Trash left by the lower turn-around

Trash left near the junction of Brown Mt. Road



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