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By Steve Smeltzer


January 03, 2006

I now see what Jerry Cegelske means.  I was down for Christmas, and took a drive up to Harriet Hunt.  I didn't see a whole lot of the trash as you depicted in Sitnews, but when I reached the turn-around, some idiots had set up a barbecue grill and its gas tank in front of the lake and proceeded to shoot it full of .40 caliber.  Trash was strewn all around the area, and someone had made a fire right in the middle of the parking area, and broke a few beer bottles in the fire pit, which I narrowly missed as I pulled into the parking lot/turn around.

You've probably seen this particular mess already, since the State was cutting along the sides of the road, and should have informed you, or else your jurisdiction ends there, whatever, it's disgusting to see that kind of abuse of the National Forest, not to mention all the lead now in Harriet Hunt Lake.

Steve Smeltzer
Juneau, AK - USA


About: Steve Smeltzer is a former resident of Ketchikan.



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