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We can do better
by Danyel Pitner


January 31, 2005

RIGHT ON Robert!! I recently returned to Ketchikan after being away for a number of years. After enrolling my daughter is school, I discovered that she would have to walk the distance as there was no bus service in our neighborhood. This was during the cold spell we had last month. I was able to drive her to school in the morning, but with my work schedule she had to walk home. Our town may be considered small, but it is not THAT small. I observe little children walking to and from school in some of the worst possible weather, and as a parent, it angers me. We can do better than this for the children of Ketchikan.

Robert was right again when he indicated that a child/teenager gets bored here. There is really not a lot for them to do. This is not a recent problem, it was the same when I was a teenager here twenty years ago. I would think that someone could have come up with some suggestions as to activities for our kids by now! Everyone seems so focused on "Tourism" that those of us who have chosen to raise our families here are getting left by the wayside.

I love Ketchikan... that is why I returned here for my daughter to finish high school. It is small and quaint, and truly a lovely town. There are far more positive features about Ketchikan than there are negative; however, I would like to see more focus put on our kids. If someone comes up with a solution, I am more than willing to put in my own time and effort to see to it that my daughter has something "clean and fun" to do.

Okay... I am off my soapbox now!

Danyel Pitner
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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