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by Robert McRoberts


January 30, 2005

Recently I was out of town for some time for the holidays and just to get away from this town. We visited many small towns and old friends. Just to see if there is Greener Grass out there and if we were missing something being here. And we are definitely missing something. The big cities are growing and growing and the world is being destroyed from all these people. They're flatting out so much of the mountains and building - so many new homes. It just amazed me and I could not understand where they are all coming from. If the Lord did say to go fourth and populate, he should have slowed us down a hundred years ago.We now need more incentives for smaller families. I know that in one day 200,000 lives can be lost and many more will die from the earth's changes or our own greed.

So why is it not growing here. I feel that here in our community the leaders are so worried about bringing people in, they seem to not really be paying attention to why people are leaving. It is way more than just the high cost of living. I think it starts with our younger generations. Life to a child can be really boring here. And we do not respect our children very much. Sure we give them as good of schooling as we can afford. But we make these poor children go to school in the worst weather. They have to stand in the rain, snow and all that slop to go to school. I think now that we are a summer based economic,  a lot of us can not work. I am sorry to say that there are three months a year when we really can not work productively. I fight the weather and it ends up getting me in cost. Why work? We could send them to school in the summer and I could spend more time with my daughter and save $1,500 @ $500 a month. We would not be risking sliding into someone and the many other hazards. We could take off for the winter. At least our 90 days before we lose our dividend - just like all the other businesses.

I grew up here to and most of my buddies have moved on and are wondering why I have not. How many kids really enjoy playing sports in the rain. They enjoy the sport but not the rain. In the last few years it seems to rain more. Why not build a covered sports area. I used to love to play tennis but it's hard to hit the ball when it's soaked. I do not mean an indoor soccer field, just a covered one so it can be used and maybe some parents may actually show up to watch their kids. We could build nice covered bus stops so the borough bus could us them too. Gee why do people not use the bus? Maybe they just get tired of standing in the rain.

The traffic on Tongass Ave. did get all screwed up when it was messed with 6 years or so ago. You can no longer ride a bike on the west end of town safely. The traffic was as good before - but we could ride a bike also. It needs to go back to one lane with a turning lane down the center. What we ended up with is a race track so every one can race up to the next slow driver.  Jefferson need to be used. It's the lesser of grades to go up and down on the corner of Jefferson and Third it is simple to fix. Just buy the house on the down hill side, remove it and put in a turn lane. Most of the traffic will come up Jefferson. As a trucker I would only be using Third Ave for deliveries in the valley. Wait till the buses are all lined up looking over the edge.

I really like that we can all put are thoughts out on this site. It really cracks me up how some things really get people going. Mark was mad at the slow pokes, and the sports are not fair and you can now die from saying that - really!! I hope some of the teachers don't want to kill me for wanting them to work the summers. But if it's not said then it's not heard. I am embarrassed that before in one of my letters I said the veneer mill would never take off. It sounds like they are going to pump some more money in to that. Good luck. I think they better raise the pay rates a bit. But as many have said, we have to keep government out of private business. Let the fishermen sell their products. Just help them out by fixing up docks and such as others have said. Too bad the ones that should be listening don't. Well better quit before I bore ya. Gives me more to say another week end.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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