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Facing the facts?
by Jay Jones


January 27, 2005

A government subsidy is just a government giving someone part of your money back. More often than not it is a ploy to buy votes. What are the facts about Ward Cove? How big of an economic boon has it been since the Borough has been involved in it? How many jobs have been created? What is the balance sheet to the taxpayers? I want to hear about all the success stories.

And tell me Mr. Wright, when a government funded non-profit "competes" with a private company, who do you think will win? And are there any strings attached to government "subsidies"? If there are, doesn't that fall under the definition of "government control of industry"? And isn't that an element of 1940 Italian fascism?

And what happens if the government gives money to an entity without any strings attached? Who is the Shipyard a success story for? The electrical rate payers and taxpayers are "subsidizing" it, but does anybody know what the owners, board of directors or management's wages are? Not to mention hammer rentals. This should all be public information if our money is involved.

Just what are the facts Mr. Wright? Maybe they are just to ridiculous to respond to.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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