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War Propaganda
by Neil Craig


January 14, 2005

Accusations that the Germans were raping Belgian nuns was used to sell WWI, similar allegations about the proclivities of Negroes were used to justify thousands of lynchings & even the Trojan War was justified on the same grounds. It is an ancient & successful lie used by old men to persuade young men to go to war.

The "research" of Todd Thompson (10th Jan) into the allegations that Serbs had rape camps is entirely limited to looking up the propaganda lies of western politicians at the UN. Because the UN says something doesn't make it true - ask any Israeli.

Here is something rather more independent, detailed & closer to sources:

The official western claim is that 30,000 Moslem women were held for 5 years for the express, if improbable, purpose of producing the maximum possible of children who would all be loyal Serbs. If that was not a complete & deliberate lie told by totally corrupt pro-nazi monsters (some in the White House) for the purpose of persuading western peoples to support an illegal & indeed genocidal war against the Serbs then there must be at least 100,000 children growing up as a result. That could not be hidden. So far not one has been found. It was a complete & deliberate lie.

The claim by the US State Department, just after NATO's bombing campaign started, that the Serbs had disappeared 500,000 Albanians is now accepted as also being totally untrue. It was Joe Goebbels who said that when telling a lie it is better to tell a big one. Clinton, Albright & the people running Milosevic's " trial " clearly understood this.

Neil Craig
Glasgow - Scotland - UK


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