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ACS & KPU Telecommunications
by Tonia J. Nebl


January 12, 2005

Mr. Watson, I'm sure your intentions are the best for the city and KPU's employees; however, I worked for ACS for almost 5 years and have quite a different opinion of them. Financially, in my opinion, they are not in the best state and are currently trying to re-organize. They may be looking at KPU [Telecommunications] to subsidize their other markets or adventures that are not making the money. Right now KPU is the only money making part of our city.

Let me give you a bit of my history and where I gained my knowledge of ACS... I opened the celluar office here in Ketchikan for ACS prior to being promoted to the District Manager and moving to Juneau. When funds were being cut I was the first person to go. I did not get a great severance package and they were not very willing to help my family and I move back to Ketchikan. So I was without a job, had to uproot my family again and they never thought twice about me as an employee.

So I would like to encourage the people of Ketchikan to take a hard look at ACS and KPU and where they both stand. It would also be nice if ACS had a 5 year plan prior to the people making a decision so we know what is going to happen to "our" local company and our employees.


Tonia J. Nebl
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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