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Sell KPU Telecommunications to ACS!
by Richard R. Watson


January 11, 2005

Mr. Mayor and all city council members, you must allow the citizens to choose. Please put this to the voters of Ketchikan A.S.A.P.

KPU telecommunications should be sold to ACS. The reasons are many. Most importantly, they do not have the technical or management resources to compete with the private sector. As a result, we the customers suffer. They do have the financial resources to compete but ultimately it is at the customer's expense. The plain and bottom line is... Government does not belong in competition against the private sector. Period!

ACS seems to be a good company. They are state wide and have plenty of resources. I believe both the customers and competing businesses of Ketchikan will actually benefit from this sale. The only important and responsible thing left for our government to do is to ensure the current KPU telecommunication employees, minus management, are taken care of. They are good, hardworking, devoted employees, who I believe could shine more if given proper training, respect, the right direction, and proper tools from their management.


Richard R. Watson
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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