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Al Jazeera's reporting
by Patrick Jirschele


January 12, 2005

In Mark Neckameyer's letter of January 7th he wrote, "I even read Al Jazeera. Yesterday they ran a story that claimed that the Kurdish village called Halabja where we know the residents were killed with poison gas by Saddam and his cousin "Chemical Aly" was only a fictional tale made up by the Kurds and Israeli agents to make the Arabs look bad. Al Jazeera also ran a story about how the Asian Tsunami may have been caused by the US and India using nuclear weapons to purposely harm Muslims. Both these stories are patently ridiculous and are great examples of nationalist outrageous propaganda."

I read Al Jazeera's website regularly and was surprised that they would report in the manner that Mr. Neckameyer suggests. And they didn't.

The Halabja story is in the opinion section of AlJazeera, it is not a news story. The opinion is followed by this disclaimer. "The opinions expressed here are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position or have the endorsement of Aljazeera"

It is sad, but it seems some Americans can't differentiate between news, opinion, or entertainment.

It doesn't matter if you approve of Al Jazeera's reporting, they have done what all the bullets and bombs the U.S. can muster haven't been able to do. Al Jazeera has brought freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion into the homes of the Arab Middle East. These may be the true seeds of democracy.

Of coarse, that would be my opinion.

They say that credibility is like virginity, once you lose it, it is gone forever.

Patrick Jirschele
Happy Point
Pennock Island, AK - USA

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