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by Vicki Campbell


January 01, 2005

I have just read Tom Carlin's letter with great interest. You are right, Tom. There is no place for you to ride your 4-wheeler and there should be. I don't want you riding on the road.

I live on D-1 and have had 4-wheelers go by my driveway so fast that I couldn't tell what color they were! I have called the Troopers. Not because of noise but because I have truly been afraid for the safety of the riders and those out on the road. My biggest fear is that a child, pet or even a car will come out of a driveway and one of you young drivers won't be able to stop. That could be an unimaginable tragedy for all involved. The speed limit on D-1 Loop Road is 20 m.p.h. I know that riding a 4-wheeler at that speed probably is no fun and there sure wouldn't be any wheelies!

The logging road behind D-1 seemed a perfect place for 4-wheelers. You are off the road, the noise should not be a problem, and those who drive, walk & play on D-1 Loop won't need to worry about the 4-wheelers. I support you in your quest to find a place to ride. If you start a petition, bring it down! Sonny & I will be first to sign. Just stay safe.

Vicki Campbell
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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