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King Salmon Derby Ends, Unofficial Standings Announced


June 14, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Ketchikan 2004 King Salmon Derby came to an end Sunday evening with the unofficial results reporting Robbie Whitten holding first place with his 51.9 King Salmon. Whitten caught the 51.9 pound King the second week of the derby. The first place winner of the 2004 King Salmon Derby will receive $10,057 in cash. First prize along with the numerous other prizes to be awarded total over $65,000. (Prize List)

The final week's Ketchikan King Salmon Derby unofficial results were reported by the sponsor of the event, Ketchikan CHARR, late Sunday evening. The Ketchikan 2004 King Salmon Derby which kicked off on May 29th came to an end Sunday, June 13th at 9:00 pm.

The final standings reported in the Week Three Ladder are UNOFFICIAL until the Ketchikan CHARR Derby Committee meets on Tuesday, June 15th, to verify the ladder standings. The Awards Ceremony will be held on June 18th at the Ketchikan Entertainment Center.

photo King Salmon Derby Ketchikan, Alaska

Andrew & Jennifer Spokley caught this 41.0 lb King while halibut fishing the second weekend of the derby... but they had no derby ticket! - Ivan and Rita Leighton hold a 38.6 pound King and 32.8 pound King caught the second weekend of the derby; and Garry Garrison poses at the Knudson Cove Marina with his 40.2 pound King Salmon which was caught the second weekend of the derby.
Photos by Misty Pattison ©2004


photo Photo Gallery


1 51.9 Robbie Whitton
2 45.2 Sherrie Hill
3 42.2 Hugh Fleury
4 41.2 Ben Atwood (photo)
5 41.1 Sonny Cannon
6 41.1 Meredeth Lundamo
7 41.0 Les Ramsey
8 40.4 Rory Wright (photo)
9 40.2 Mark Hoyt
10 40.2 Garry Garrison (photo)
11 40.2 James White
12 39.9 Gary Leask
13 39.8 Dennis Diamond
14 39.4 Ray Diamond
15 38.6 Rita Leighton (photo)
16 38.3 Casey Stokes
17 38.2 Harvey Hansen
18 38.1 Bill Pattison (photo)
19 37.9 Mike Fleenor
20 37.8 Deborah Dale
21 37.7 Troy Narvaez
22 37.2 Dennis Parker
23 37.0 Michael Wilson
24 36.7 Michael Carney
25 36.7 Thomas Rivera
26 36.6 Garry Garrison
27 36.5 Rebecca Bentley
28 36.1 Dody White
29 35.9 Gilbert Benge
30 35.2 Louise Pattison
Angler between age 6 and 15

WEEK ONE Ryan Stahl                        29.9 05.29.04 Dody White
WEEK TWO Grant Boles                       30.9 05.30.04 Louis Charron
WEEK THREE Hugh RP Fleury                  29.6 05.31.04 Kenneth Pearson Jr.
06.05.04 Jerry Quinn
Largest King Salmon in a 16' skiff or less 06.06.04 Gerald Hughes
Ray Diamond 39.4
Cumulative Weight

Garry Garrison 287.7

Angler 57 Years or Older
Dody White 36.1


For more information about the 57th annual King Salmon Derby, prizes and derby rules are available on the King Salmon Derby web site.


photo Ketchikan CHARR King Salmon Derby Photo Gallery

Source of Unofficial Results:

Ketchikan CHARR
King Salmon Derby web site


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