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2004 King Salmon Derby Week #1
Unofficial Results Announced



Ketchikan, Alaska - The Ketchikan 2004 King Salmon Derby kicked off Saturday morning and will run for three weekends. Unofficial results for the first week's derby days - 29th, 30th, and 31st - have been reported by Ketchikan CHARR sponsors of the event.

The derby is also scheduled for the weekends of June 5th & 5th and June 12th and 13th. More information about the 2004 King Salmon Derby, prizes and derby rules are available on the King Salmon Derby web site.

photo Ben Atwood week #1

Ben Atwood poses with his 41.2 pound King Salmon caught during the first derby weekend. According to the unofficial results, Atwood holds the number one spot for week #1 of the 2004 King Salmon Derby. 
photo courtesy Knudson Cove Marina



gif - Week 1 Salmon Derby unoffical results

Source of Unofficial Results:

Ketchikan CHARR
King Salmon Derby web site


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