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Part 1
By Rob Holston


November 12, 2007
Monday AM

Ketchikan, Alaska - You should check your cupboards now and get rid of every product that contains Aspartame. Oh, don't forget to have your reading glasses and a magnifying glass handy as this process involves a lot of fine print. The truth about aspartame is scarier than a Stephen King movie. The truth many times is and what I have to tell you is the truth.about ASPARTAME.

Because the FDA has failed to protect the American public from the proliferation of this horrific chemical compound, the public must become aware and through this awareness, institute a boycott of ALL products containing aspartame. Most Americans will recognize this substance as NutraSweet or Equal and will recall that it has been around since the early 1980's.

On October 24, 2006, published an article entitled "New Mexico Legislators Demand Aspartame Withdrawal." The article stated in-part that eleven legislators in New Mexico have written a letter asking US President GW Bush, the FDA chief Von Escenbach and the US Health Secretary Michael Levitt, to override and cancel the previous approval of Aspartame, a controversial artificial sweetener that was approved over the resistance of FDA scientists, as a result of the political intervention of now defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. (more on the approval debacle in part #2)

In their letter, the legislators reason that Aspartame's FDA approval should be rescinded, citing the scientific fact that aspartame metabolizes into methanol and formaldehyde, both highly toxic to humans. Also when Aspartame is heated, it turns into a brain tumor-causing agent called dikeopiperazine. Their letter concluded that it is not acceptable that a chemical considered in 1979 by the Pentagon for a biochemical warfare agent would then be approved two years latter as an artificial sweetener chemical, now added to 6,000 USA food products and more than 500 medications, including children' vitamins and aspirin.

It is clear that Aspartame is NOT going away as the corporate clout of product profits will govern the "official" findings in the matter. The FDA's own list of aspartame side effects was removed from their site early in the game. Aspartame was touted as a wonderful product to help diabetics and fight obesity. Since it's introduction into the American diet in the early '80's what has happened to diabetes? What has happened to obesity? They have gone from being health concerns to being EPEDEMIC HEALTH CONCERNS! Is this Aspartame's fault? The short answer is "Yes", guilty by association. Where does this culprit hang out? It is found as a table top sweetener, in tablets, beverages, cold breakfast cereals, instant coffee & tea, puddings, fillings, gelatins, dairy products, cookies, snacks and chewing gum to name a few!

So what's a person to do? Aspartame is just one of countless toxins we ingest. A long list of other toxins are found in the water we drink and bathe in, the air we breathe and on and in the foods we eat. A monthly dietary cleanse will solve this problem and will probably solve a lot of weight and health problems in the process. As for Aspartame, AKA NutraSweet & Equal it is fortunately found mostly in products that are UN-healthy for you in the first place and eliminating Aspartame from your consumption food chain will undoubtedly improve your health from that standpoint. The most prime example that comes to mind is soft drinks, also known as the Aspartame "fountain of obesity." Read the fine print on your soft-drink can. Did you know that soft-drink consumption among children is monitored by the USDA? Their report #CN-01-CDI, published in 2001 sited that in the mid '90's among 14-18 year olds, 32% of all females and 52% of all males consumed three or more soft-drink servings per day! That is about 50 times my personal consumption of this "killer in disguise." Filtered water is a great alternative.

As for an alternative "sugar", consider STEVIA, a humble sweetener that comes from processing a South American herb. It is a natural product, developed by GOD not man. Stevia has been used for centuries in Paraguay and has been shown to be healthy for you. In Japan, stevia is used in about half of all sweetened products. Aspartame is not available in Japan because IT IS OUTLAWED IN JAPAN! The Japanese food industry has embraced "stevia" as their sweetener of choice. You can buy STEVIA in your local store's vitamin department or check out your neighborhood health food store. It comes in liquid or powder forms. Stevia has been shown to help your body regulate blood sugars and it is safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics. Stevia can reduce cavities and has antiseptic properties. The real bonus with steviait tastes good!

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Rob is a retired teacher and a resident of Ketchikan, Alaska. He is not a health care professional; however, he has an interest in health and fitness. You should contact your doctor regarding all health care issues and follow your doctor's advice.
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