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Making Sense

A Little Straight Talk Wouldn't Hurt
By Michael Reagan


September 07, 2006

Listening to the Democrats complain Tuesday about the administration's handling of the nation's security had me thinking. If, as they charge, the president is using it as a political issue, I really hope he is.

I also thought that President Bush needs to stop preaching to the choir - to his rock hard supporters - and begin to speak to all the American people about just what's at stake in the war on terror.

He needs to tell Americans flat out exactly where the Democrats stand on national security. They oppose the wiretaps of al Qaeda terrorists communicating with agents and sympathizers in the U.S.; they are opposed to the tracking of the movement of terrorist funds across the globe, they opposed the Patriot Act - all programs that are designed to protect the American people.

He needs to pound home again and again that these programs have kept America safe from other 9/11s for five long years since the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

And he needs to remind the people that should the Democrats win control of the Congress all of these vital programs will be gutted and al Qaeda's determination to strike at the U.S. homeland will be reinvigorated.

When he speaks about national security the president limits the scope of his audience by addressing his Republican base, which does not need to hear what he has to say about national security. They already know what the score is there. He needs to aim at all of the American people, Democrats and Republicans and those in-between. He has to take the gloves off and punch away, showing how the Democrats' glaring weaknesses on the issue of national security will put the nation in danger.

For too long now the Democrats have been allowed to peddle the fiction that the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism are two different struggles, when even al Qaeda's top leaders such as bin Laden clearly state the opposite. Even if Harry Reid, Howard Dean and the pitiful Nancy Pelosi can't recognize that both are part of the same struggle - the war on terrorism - bin Laden and his fellow thugs know that the opposite is true.

The president needs to stress that one reason why America has been spared more 9/11s is that al Qaeda had been forced to concentrate its resources on the insurgency in Iraq. They simply don't have the resources to fight a two-front war.

Yet the Democrats would like nothing better than to cut and run in Iraq and turn that hapless country into an Islamofascist headquarters for the jihad. Iraq in the hands of al Qaeda would create chaos throughout the Middle East.

Of course they won't admit that their policy is to abandon the people of Iraq to the mercies of al Qaeda by withdrawing our troops by a date certain. They won't call their policy a planned withdrawal ­ they call it a redeployment, suggesting that our troops would be redeployed to another part of the Middle East close by Iraq from where they could re-enter that country if the need arose.

They ignore the fact that not one of the neighboring countries want U.S. troops within their borders. Rep. John Murtha, however, let the cat out of the bag when he suggested redeployment to Formosa, which is just a tad too far away from Iraq, like about 7,000 miles too far. To Democrats it appears as if that's just a hop, skip and a jump.

The president needs to take the fight to the Democrats. They are not his friends, no matter how much he wishes they were. They are his enemies and he must remind the public exactly where the Democratic party stands and just how much more vulnerable their politically driven policies would make this nation.

Americans need to ask themselves just who they think the President of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the leadership of Hezbollah and Hamas would vote for in Congressional elections on November 7. If you think the answer is all of the above, you better vote for the party they want to lose.


Mike Reagan, the eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network.
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