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Making Sense

Durbanism At Work
By Michael Reagan


June 19, 2005

Those Americans who are Vietnam veterans could never understand why it was that when they came home after honorably - and courageously - fighting in that war they were spat upon, ridiculed, and ostracized by their fellow Americans.

We are now seeing a replay of what Americans at home were going through at the time when we had leaders in Congress and prominent people in all walks of life who spread false rumors about our soldiers and what they were doing in the blood-drenched rice paddies of Vietnam.

They were called baby killers, and today members of the American armed services are being targeted by the heirs of the anti-Vietnam left and compared to Nazis, to the brutal guards at the Soviet gulag camps and Pol Pot's minions in the killing fields of Cambodia.

gif After Gitmo by Monte Wolverton

After Gitmo closes
By: Monte Wolverton
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This whole shoddy exercise in relentless anti-Americanism is being conducted by people who have never had the backbone to accept the painful realities of war. Now, because they have lost control of the Senate and the House of Representatives and the White House, they have launched a mindless attack on the conduct of the war in Iraq in what they see as their only hope of regaining power.

They have joined the chorus of those outside the U.S. who hate America, and use our alleged mistreatment treatment of the terrorist thugs in Guantanamo and elsewhere as a weapon to attack us and slander the men and women in uniform assigned to guard them.

Their response to the decision of the voters to deny them the political power they once enjoyed and abused has been to try to turn America against the war, to turn America against the military, and to turn America against the president.

Aided by their allies in the liberal mainstream media, the left is doing exactly what they did back in the 1960s and 70s, when they succeeded in turning the American people against the war and the brave Americans in the military risking their lives to turn back a communist invasion. Day after day, the American people were treated to hoked-up horror stories about the behavior of American soldiers and Marines that portrayed them as brutal killers and enemies of the Vietnamese people.

Thankfully, the difference between then and now is the existence of the alternative media which can tell you what the prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are having for breakfast, about the Korans and prayer beads we give them, and how we arrange for them to observe their religion and point out that these terrorists are being fed better than our military in the field.

We in the alternative media also break through the mainstream media's iron curtain to remind our fellow Americans that these prisoners are for the most part brutal killers dedicated to killing Americans, and would be at our throats if given the opportunity.

Neither the mainstream media nor the leftist politicians in the socialist dominated Democrat Party will tell you those things because - just as they were during the Vietnam conflict - they against the war in Iraq.

My father wrote in his book "An American Life" that when he was president he kept secret from Congress the fact that he was sending troops into Granada because he was worried that the leftists on Capitol Hill would leak the story to the media who could then spout the line that this was going to turn into another Vietnam quagmire.

My dad understood that if he informed Congress in advance of the invasion, it was inevitable that the story would leak and American lives would be lost as a result of the loss of the element of surprise.

That danger still exists today as it did during Vietnam. The leftists on the Hill care more about scoring political points than they do about the security of Americans in combat.

The likes of Dick Durban and Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi and their fellow members of the Marxist left in Congress have only one strategy to regain power: to turn Americans against the president and his party and bring about an end to the Iraq war. And if that means they have to turn Americans against the military as they did during the Vietnam War, so be it.


Mike Reagan, the eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network.
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