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Making Sense

Killing Terri
by Michael Reagan


March 24, 2005

Democratic national chairman Howard Dean is on the stump trying to convince red state voters that his party has values. This leads me to ask if one of those values the Democrats supposedly champion is the death by starvation of Terri Schiavo. Is this the way they seek to prove they are the party that cares about people?

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Dean has got to be kidding, presiding as he is over a party that thrives on the help and financial resources of the abortion industry, peddling their wares and filling the party's coffers with the industry's blood-soaked financial contributions.

Isn't it strange that a party - many of whose top members weep copious tears over the death penalty being applied to brutal murderers - can find themselves opposing any efforts to save Terri, alive and breathing on her own, from an atrocious death by starvation and dehydration?

If the Democrats want to be seen as compassionate should they not look at the facts in this case ­ facts that prove that a massive injustice is being done to an innocent human being? How can they even use the word compassion when hardly any of their members have been willing to so much as lift a finger to save her?

A fact that bears strong scrutiny is the behavior of the lead judge in Florida, George Greer ­ behavior that should at least cause raised eyebrows even among pro-death Democrats.

Look at it this way ­ if you are going to be the judge, and at the same time act as the jury deciding if a person lives or dies, should you not at least go visit the person to determine for yourself her true condition? Over the seven years that Greer has been active in the Schiavo case he has never even once bothered to see the woman over whom he has the power of life and death.

Where have the Democrats been on this matter?

It should have been obvious even to Judge Greer that Terri's husband Michael Schiavo has an agenda that bears looking at. Shouldn't Greer have taken the time to go see the woman who has become his victim? A woman her only representative before the court in all these years has been her legal guardian ­ Michael - who wants her killed, presumably so he can go on with his life with his girlfriend and the two kids she has given him.

A visit to Terri could have shown the judge whether or not Terri really is in a persistent vegetative state, as Michael Schiavo and his lawyer and their experts claim, yet Judge Greer has failed to make that judgment on his own as a visit to Terri would have allowed him to do.

Polls, some of them deliberately rigged to prove the American people side with Michael Schiavo, show the nation sharply divided over the question of Terri's right to life. This is a direct result of the elite pro-Democrat mainstream media's deliberate distortion of the facts.

What facts? Terri is alive, breathing on her own, shows clear signs of recognition of her parents when they visit, smiling, sometimes laughing, exhibiting signs of discomfort and pain - things no vegetable can do. Killing her is nothing less than judicial murder.

Based on what the pro-death contingent is saying about Terri, that because she doesn't have any real quality of life, because she can't feed herself or can't take care of herself or speak coherently, that she should be put to death in a cruel and inhuman manner.

In his final days, my dad Ronald Reagan, had no quality of life, could not feed himself or take care of himself, communicate in even the most rudimentary way, and lay bedridden and mute, a terrible burden on Nancy. Should I have told Nancy to stop feeding my dad so he could die and she could go on with her life?

And if I had, would not the nation have risen up in justifiable outrage and demanded that his life be preserved until God called him home?

Doesn't Terri Schiavo deserve the same concern, Dr. Dean?


Mike Reagan, the eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network.
Look for Mike's new book "Twice Adopted".

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