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'Thimble Berry'
photo by Nancy Jensen


May 31, 2004

photo Thimble berry Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan, Alaska - Thimble berries (Rubus parviflorus) are common in Ketchikan and are members of the rose family. They grow best in open woods, growing in thickets three to six feet high. Unlike its common relative the raspberry - another member of the rose family - the thimble berry grows branched canes which do not die every year (the new shoots and growth buds that pop out in early spring can be eaten).

Later in the spring, large, showy leaves appear, followed by large, white flowers. The plant blooms mid to late May in Ketchikan until early August, producing continuous crops of tasty red berries. The berries form a red cap and are very seedy. When picked the ripened berries are very delicate, soft and mushy.


'Spring Daisy' photo by Nancy Jensen

'Cherry Blossom Time in Ketchikan' photo by Nancy Jensen


Nancy Jensen ©2004


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