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'Make Way for Duckies'
photo by Mimi Eddy


October 28, 2003
Tuesday - 1:00 am




Ketchikan, AK - Mimi Eddy planned to walk the trail at Ward Lake Sunday, but found the side trail to the left was flooded... and look what was coming down the hiking trail!

The whole place was flooded. Eddy said, "Once you got to the campground you couldn't walk on the trail! There were picnic tables, the cooking stands under water! It was amazing!"

According to the Federal Aviation Administration's Flight Service Station, there was a total of 4.10 inches of rain that fell Saturday & Sunday. According to NOAA, Ketchikan's highest tide recorded on Sunday was over 19 feet.


NOAA - Ketchikan tides

Ketchikan Daily Precip data...


Mimi Eddy ©2003


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