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Ketchikan Peachicks
by M.C. Kauffman


June 23, 2003

Ketchikan, Alaska - After 28 days of loving care and hours of fuzz-out time after hatching, two little peachicks with big bright eyes peeked out from under the soft feathers and snugly warmth of mama as if eager to greet this new world they had entered.

Peachicks are born with flight feathers which grow very quickly. Within days of hatching, these peachicks were patiently taught all the skills needed to fly up to roost on a high perch by their mama, BobbieJo.

The newly arrived peachicks now spend their nights snugged under their mama's soft feathers high up on a perch in the peafowl house. Being able to fly soon after birth is necessary for survival in the wild for peachicks, and in the safety of protected living areas, this skill is still taught.

photo Peachicks Ketchikan, Alaska

Shelley and Sydney - 6 days old

When bedtime comes, if one looks closely at mother peahen, they'd be delighted to catch a glimpse of two little faces peeking back. Sitting next to their mama, BobbieJo, on the perch you'll find their papa, Elvis. While this huge adult peacock roosts next to his mate with his long colorful tail almost touching the floor, he softly vocalizes with his mate and with his baby peachicks. The affection shown by this loving family, called a bevy, is heartwarming.

Looking at the little peachicks, Sydney and Shelley, it is difficult to imagine that one day they will be gigantic and colorful birds able to produce lovely, although at times eyebrow-frizzing, vocalizations!

The raising of these beautiful birds is time consuming, expensive, but a worthy activity. These grand and gentle birds like peace and harmony and can easily become stressed - like the human beast in this regard! They are very intelligent birds and learn very quickly - regardless of what one might read about these majestic birds. There are no "dumb" peafowl - just "dumb" owners! With patience and kindness, these birds are always willing to please and will choose to be close to their human friends.




photo peafowl Ketchikan, Alaska

BobbieJo shares an affectionate moment with Sydney and Shelley.


Mama's Kiss
BobbieJo is a Black-Shouldered Blue India peahen....


photo peachicks Ketchikan, Alaska

Black-Shouldered/Blue India peachicks


Elvis ( The father peacock)


photos & text by MC Kauffman ©2004


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