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Fly by Night: the 18th Annual Wearable Art Show
photos by James R. Dahl


February 09, 2004
Monday - 12:50 am

The zany amalgam of wearable art and runway performance "Fly by Night: the 18th Annual Wearable Art Show" took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Ketchikan at the Ted Ferry Civic Center.

The Wearable Art Show is just one of several Torch Night performances scheduled for the 2003-2004 season. For more information on upcoming Torch Night events visit the Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council's web site.


Model: Barbara Bigelow
Artist: Richard Smith


Title: Overnight Service Except AK & HI
Model: Nona Hamilton-Head


Title: Kiss
Model: Hall Anderson
Artist: Hali Kenoyer



Title: Night's Flight of O'Dan
Models from the Tongass School of Arts & Science


Title: Banshee Airlines
Model: "Mystery Man"
Artist: Carol Alley



Title: Dragon Tamer
Model: Max Mercer
Artist: Debby Watier


Title: A "Fly By Night"
Artist & Model: Grace Kirkwood


Title: Spare Parts
Artist and Model: Diane Palmer


Title: Take Your Chances
Artist and Model: Sara Lawson


Title: Gargoyles - Medieval Rock Stars
Model: Maxx and Gunnar Keizer
Artist: Jackie Keizer






Left: Carla Potter; Middle: Sara Lawson...


Artists: Aairyn and Brieshan Kenoyer


James R. Dahl ©2004


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