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'Along the Waterfront'
photo by Gigi Pilcher


April 13, 2004


Ketchikan, Alaska - The new Third Avenue Extension can be seen in the background above the homes with views of the Tongass Narrows. The ship in the foreground is the Royal Princess.

The Thrid Avenue Extension is being built to relieve traffic congestion along Tongass Avenue in downtown Ketchikan, the new roadway will be nearly 1 mile in length, and will extend Third Avenue between Washington Street and Schoenbar Road.

Key features of the Third Avenue Extension project include:

  • Total length of the new roadway - 5,345 feet
  • Project cost approximately $23 million
  • Brugg fences installed to protect the downslope properties from potential rockfalls
  • Stabilization of the landslide area with drains and a rockfill buttress
  • Stabilization of large rock blocks in the cliff face using high capacity rock bolts
  • Excavation of bedrock using a road miner machine



Gigi Pilcher ©2004


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