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Sun Raven Totem Pole Raised Saturday
photos by Dick Kauffman


August 25, 2003
Monday - 12:30 am

Ketchikan, AK - Renown Master Carver Israel Shotridge (Tlingit, Taantakwaan-Tongass Tribe), gifted the 3rd replica of the Sun Raven Totem Pole to the Tongass Tribe and the community of Ketchikan on Saturday, August 23rd.

The Sun Raven Totem Pole was raised in front of the University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan at the Robertson Building in a traditional totem pole ceremony. The ceremony was well attended by the public.

According to information provided by the UAS Ketchikan, Shotridge carved this totem pole in memory of Chief David Andrews, of the Gaanaxadi Raven clan of the Tongass Tribe, Emma Williams, the last Teikweidee - Taantakwaan /Kinninook and Tlingit carver Charlie Brown, who was a member of the Sanyakwan Raven clan.


Photo Gallery


The Sun Raven Totem Pole is carried from the carving area to the location where it is to be raised...


Tsimshian Master Carver David Boxley assists with carrying the Sun Raven Totem Pole. Boxley is currently carving a totem pole slated for installation at the Ketchikan Indian Community offices... Read the story: Master Carver David Boxley Begins KIC Totem at Ketchikan's Southeast Alaska Discovery Center


The Sun Raven Totem is being prepared for raising so it can be attached to its support structure as Master Carver Israel Shotridge (on the far left) and James Stanley (on the far right) look on.


The Sun Raven Totem Pole being raised...


Raising of the Sun Raven Totem Pole...


Steadied into position for securing to its support structure... Master Carver Israel Shotridge can be seen standing on the far right (light blue shirt).



Apprentice Robert Jackson and Joe Williams help steady the Sun Raven Totem as Master Carver Israel Shotridge climbs the ladder to bolt the Sun Raven Totem to its support structure.


Ceremony continues...


Photograph of the back of the Sun Raven Totem Pole & its support structure...



The Sun Raven Totem Pole is successfully raised in its new location.



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Photos by Dick Kauffman ©2003



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