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'Grand Tour of France'


July 07, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Ketchikan High School students traveled to France on a 17 day trip from June 9th -June 27th with Ketchikan High School French teacher Myra Zelensky. The trip, called the Grand Tour of France, included travel adventures from Paris to other destinations in France and back to Paris.

jpg Grand Tour of France

Traveling High School Students: Claire Ragozzino, Corrina Troll, Heather Bergeron, Jessica Chapman, Kaila Cowan, Katy Keene, Natalia Dyakanoff, Nick Foote, Samantha Clark-Smith, Bill White, Amy Wadley,  Hilary Goucher, Sarah Harpold, Aimee McClory, Amber Shull, Brittany Auger, Byron Love, Calvin Beattie, Danielle Guenther, Greg Moody, Jared Azure, Jessica Schenck, Jordan Schrepel, Karyssa Holstrom, Kimberly Flora, Lindsay Tucker, Mitch
Jasper and Stephanie Hemminger. Chaperones were Teacher Myra Zelensky, parents Teri Goucher, Craig and Patti Tucker and Michelle Dyakanoff.
Photograph courtesy Cindy Moody



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