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Children's Hands-on Exhibit
Photo by Chris Wilhelm


January 27, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Ketchikan Museums hosted a hands-on exhibit for children Saturday, January 22 from 10am - 2 pm. Kids were able to visit the Glow Booth with Richard Van Cleave and have a lasting shadow made on a wall covered with phosphorous using a black light. Program Coordinator Sharon Thompson demonstrated bending light with positive and negative lenses.

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Sun Prints: Shelley Stallings and Matthew Wilhelm...
Photo by Chris Wilhelm

Chris Hanson's stereoscope was useful to examine photos from old Kasaan taken in the 1800s, and Shelley Stallings helped kids use light-sensitive paper to make their own designs using conventional light and common objects.

Sun Prints is an early photographic process used to produce blue prints. Paper is soaked with a light-sensitive substance and, after being exposed to light, is developed by rinsing it in water. The resulting image is a brilliant blue and white.



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