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'Magical After the Rain'
photos by Alex Mescher


October 27, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - Wow, Sunday was such a marvelous experience.  It rained the whole day, but then it stopped and the sun came out.  I decided to go for a walk.  While I was walking it started to rain and hail, but this time the sun was shining brightly and I saw a double rainbow.  I walked to the bridge across from Creek Street and I saw 5-6 seals.  I also saw a blue heron.  It was so magical seeing so much wildlife after a rain and while a rainbow was out.


jpg Ketchikan rainbow

Front Page Photo


jpg Ketchikan double rainbow

A double rainbow is visible over Ketchikan's famous welcome sign...


jpg sun breaks through

The sun breaks through....


jpg seal

One of many seals sighted...


jpg harbor

Dusty blue harbor after the rain...


Alex Mescher ©2004

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