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Checklist of Things to Do, Must Sees and Foods



May 24, 2017
Wednesday PM

jpg Jeff Lund 

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - So you have a few months, days or hours in Ketchikan? Here’s your checklist, well, a checklist. Of course you’re going to see Creek Street, get your picture taken with the happy bears and do one of the adventures recommended by the cruise line or the people you work your summer job with, but there’s a lot to Ketchikan. 

Bargain hike: Dude Mountain. You drive most of it and in 45 minutes you’re pretty much on top of the island. The views are spectacular (weather permitting of course) and there’s a strong chance there will be mountain goats. 

Bargain hike #2: The Rainbird Trail off the Third Avenue Bypass is pretty great and so easy you can’t even really call it a hike. With only maybe 100 steps of effort you have great views of Ketchikan and the Tongass Narrows. It’s a great place for sunrises and sunsets and since you’re so close to your car, there’s no reason to litter there, right? 

Must see: If you haven’t been to Ketchikan or understand how southeast Alaska works, you must go to the Totem Heritage Center, Tongass Historical Museum and Discovery Center. 

Learn about the Native people, rainforest ecosystem, the tidal flat baseball games and everything else Ketchikan.  

As for food, I have never claimed to be a food expert except in what I like. I don’t have a sophisticated palate, I just like what I like. So here are the places I like to frequent.  

Chowder: New York Café. The chowder isn’t thickened to make up for a lack of ingredients or watered down to make it last. Stay up to date with specials here because they really are special. 

Wings: Fat Stan’s. Southeast Alaska isn’t known for its chicken wings, but no one wants wings that taste like they were thawed and cooked all in one step. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t get good ones around here. The sweet and spicy flavor is the best. 

Fish tacos: Fish House. Tough to beat the tacos here, especially when you include the view and cracking wood fire in the stove. 

Specialty food: Fish from Trish. While it’s not a restaurant, you can buy or ship fish while waiting for your order of poke, salmon tacos (with guac and mango salsa) or specialty coffee drink. You have to act fast because those in the know pounce on the food and the chef-choice menu is usually sold out by early afternoon. 

Coffee: Few things on earth as are over-rated, or expensive, as Starbucks. For just $3 you can get a scone and a large (like real large, not small large) at the Green Coffee Bean. While enjoying fresh, caffeinated greatness, you can look at the fly fishing stuff and, if you don’t fly fish, wonder what you’re missing.  

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