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The Local Prayer Army
By George Miller -Good News Fellowship


October 13, 2008

Ketchikan, Alaska - For several years a group of dedicated prayer warriors from various Churches have met each month to pray for Ketchikan and this area. We are moving on orders from heaven to invite the God of the Universe to come and change this place. He has started by working change in those who trust Him as Savior. He has been breaking barriers in the whole Church and stirring us together into a well oiled, Jesus filled, Holy Spirit directed army.

This army will not use guns or other mere natural weaponry. No, we use spiritual weapons strong enough to throw down darkness and allow liberation to come to those blinded by sins of pride, self-will, and spiritual deception. The local prayer army is growing in powerful unity enabled by faith in Christ. We are setting aside some minor differences in favor of obeying Jesus as Head of His Church. We are inviting Him to Ketchikan to cleanse, and purge all which harms, and darkens our City.

Jesus is coming to winnow the good from the evil. Be very sure that no-one will be left out, especially those who call Him Lord. He says judgment begins in the House of The Lord. If we who say we are Christians will do our own housework, we will not have to suffer the humility of having it done publicly for us. Those who have not heard the Gospel will have it explained and demonstrated in ways they can understand clearly. They have the chance of a lifetime to come into a faith life with God through the work of the cross completed by Jesus. His sacrifice satisfied the judgment due for our sin. When we choose to accept Him, he removes our sin and never brings it up again. Hundreds and even thousands right here in this part of Alaska will be overjoyed when they meet Jesus and receive His forgiveness and love.

Families who have suffered abuse for years will be liberated. Alcoholics and addicts who have suffered numerous failures to stay clean will be free. Many who have been under depression for long seasons will have depression lift and not return. Many things will be changed when His Presence comes to rest on this place and these people. Hindrances to righteous prosperity will be broken. Old hatred and animosity will fade. Racism will be dealt a death blow once and for all. The criminal justice system will become bored for lack of business.

Do you believe it? Are you a skeptic? Do you like it just like it is? Did you buy the new religion of Aggressive Secularism? Get ready, Divine Love is coming to town and He is hard to resist!

The Apostle Paul spoke in the Bible of the Good News being presented with great power. Not so much with slick words and high tuned, mental powered abilities, but supernaturally backed truth. Jesus blew away the religious leaders through his compassion and healing and miracles, which were the Holy Spirit backing Jesus' words of truth and He proclaimed the Kingdom of God. Stick around friends, this kind of wonderful, genuine demonstration of the real Jesus is headed our way. Scripture referred to were: 1 Corinthians 2: 3-5. 2 Corinthians 10: 3-6



George Miller is Pastor of Good News Fellowship, Ketchikan, Alaska.


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