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Ketchikan Regular Election Oct. 04, 2022
Early & In-Person Absentee Voting Begins 09/19/22

Ketchikan City Council
3 Year Term (2 Seats Open)

Jamie King


Received: September 23, 2022
Published: September 24, 2022

My name is Jamie King and I am running for City Council.

jpg Jamie King Candidate for Ketchikan City Council October 04, 2022

I come from a strongly service oriented background. My parents, Bruce King and Licha Kelley-King, have a long history of service in every community they have lived in.

Growing up and into my adulthood my father let me assist him in the planning and construction of hundreds of Rotary projects. My mother has always had a heart for outreach in senior and underserved communities.

As a teenager I volunteered with assistance programs and at health fairs, wherever help was needed. I was able to go on exchange to Sweden with Rotary in my junior year of high school. This experience gave me insight into the solutions that different communities and countries take to address universal human challenges.

After I graduated from Kayhi I chose to enlist in the U.S. Navy. I served five and a half years as a Construction Mechanic with the Seabees (CB’s). That experience gave me respect and experience with the professionals who make government policies work day to day. After completing my enlistment, I moved back to Ketchikan to start a family and make my adult home in the same community that I loved as a child and teenager.

I now have three children and work a full-time job. After my youngest was born I went back to college and earned a Bachelors in Arts and Social Sciences from UAS. I am currently one semester away from earning my Masters in Business Administration from UAF.

I have continued serving my community by volunteering in the school system and in veterans’ outreach via peer-to-peer counseling.

I am running for City Council to continue serving my community by listening and doing the work to grow Ketchikan. I want to see Ketchikan flourish. That takes people who are committed to serving, by setting aside their own agendas to solve problems together with the City staff and community members. I want to do the work of making Ketchikan fiscally and practically functional.

Vote for me and let a King serve Ketchikan. 

For over two decades, SitNews has provided a front page section at no cost for all candidates for the local Ketchikan Assembly, School Board, City Council, and Mayors to provide information about themselves and their campaign for the voters to consider.

All candidates are encouraged to participate. SitNews will begin accepting candidates' statements on  September 05, 2022 for publication.  Note: Early or Absentee-In-Person Voting will begin on September 19, 2022. In person voting at the polls will be Oct. 04, 2022.

In your statement please tell the voters:

1. Why you are running for office.

2. Experience and education.

3. Community involvement

4. Identify at least two significant issues and challenges facing our community and your ideas on addressing these issues. (Please do not just say you will be open to public input. Be specific about the issues and challenges and your specific ideas to bring to the table.)

5. Email a digital photograph. 

6. Email your information in text format or as a doc file and photo to

Additional comments are allowed. (Posted Online: August 27, 2022 - Invitations to Participate were emailed to all candidates on August 27, 2022.) Editor SitNews

Printed ballots for inspection for the October 4, 2022 election will be available September 14, 2022. 

Last Day to register to vote in the local election is Sept. 04, 2022

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