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Ketchikan Regular Election Oct. 04, 2022
Early & In-Person Absentee Voting Begins 09/19/22

Ketchikan City Council
One Year Term (1 Seat Available)

Jack Finnegan


Received: September 17, 2022
Published: September 19, 2022

Good day, friends and neighbors!

My name is Jack Finnegan, and I am running for a 1-year seat on Ketchikan's City Council.

jpg Jack Finnegan Candidate for Ketchikan City Council October 04, 2022

It has been my great fortune to call Ketchikan home for ten years, and I consider my time here to be a rich (and ongoing) education in not only the wealth of opportunities offered by our community, but also in the complex and often unique challenges that we face.

Many folks in Ketchikan wear multiple hats, and I am no exception. Working in cruise ship tourism provided my initial point of entry, but is by no means the limit of my engagement with our community. I have worked in our education system as a substitute teacher, aa teacher's aide, and a visiting artist. I have worked with or for several non- profit organizations, including Southeast Alaska Independent Living, Resident Youth Care, Women in Safe Homes, and Ketchikan Indian Community. After serving on its board, I took a position with First City Players in 2019 as the Education Coordinator, which I hold to this day. And for five years, I have hosted the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council's monthly "Story Slam," where it has been my privilege to watch and listen to members of our community relate stories from their lives.

This diverse array of experiences has granted me the opportunity to view many layers of Ketchikan: the gifts and burdens of the busy tourism season; numerous aspects of our education system; the needs and challenges of some of our underprivileged neighbors; and the tremendous effort required by the artists, staff members, and volunteers who keep our celebrated culture thriving.

This is my first campaign for public office. I strive to find common ground with all people, even when their views differ from my own. I believe that whatever difference of opinion we might have, a mutual interest in the betterment of our community should be our guiding light. My education in philosophy (BA, Brooklyn College) serves exactly the purpose I had hoped when I enrolled: it has improved my critical thinking skills, and taught me to consider every aspect of a problem, including the assumptions that I myself might make.

These skills—and my determination to continue to learn—will serve me well on the City Council. I will carry with me into that chamber an intense desire to listen well, to learn fast, and to build consensus as we consider the many matters that come before the council.

I own a home in town with my wife Brie Kenoyer, who was born and raised here, and we are happily expecting our first child in December. I've got a business in development, called Fishability Alaska, which aims to provide on-the-water excursions to our visitors and community members with disabilities—a concept which has won two awards, including a grant from Spruce Root. I am deeply invested in the longterm health and well-being of Ketchikan. Serving on our City Council will provide an opportunity for me to contribute to our community in a new and lasting way.

One issue of pressing concern is our shortage of affordable housing, for which there will be no simple answer. Another concern is the provision of adequate (and appropriate) services to people struggling with addiction issues, which often lead to a cavalcade of additional challenges not only for those individuals, but also for our community, including but not limited to the police and fire departments, the hospital, our shelters, and other service providers. I do not pretend to have the answer to these problems. I do commit to doing my level best to help Ketchikan find the best path forward.

I give thanks every day for the life I get to live in this extraordinary place. I never fail to tell my charter fishing clients that for all of Ketchikan's beauty, and opportunity for adventure, it is the people who make this place home. I am proud to be your neighbor, and I hope to serve you and our shared future as residents of Ketchikan.

Yours in gratitude,
Jack Finnegan
1-year Candidate, Ketchikan City Council

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