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Regular Election - October 05, 2021

Darlene d-Svenson

Candidate for Ketchikan Borough Assembly 2021
3 Year Term (2 Seats Open)



Received: September 13, 2021
Published: September 13, 2021


During my years of the Immigration process, I realized that I am a true Patriot of the United States of America. As I stood with my hand over heart and swore my allegiance to “The Constitution of the United States”, I then knew, my motivation for becoming an American was to serve, Our Community, Our Home and all my fellow citizens.

jpg Darlene d-Svenson
Candidate for Ketchikan Borough Assembly

Darlene d-Svenson
Candidate for Ketchikan Borough Assembly

I am seeking election as a member of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly because I believe that I can make a positive impact on the challenges and opportunities, which exist in our wonderful community. I have resided in Ketchikan for approximately 10 years. My husband, Martin, a lifelong citizen of Ketchikan, is a commercial fisherman.

I was born in Canada. I became an American citizen on January 22, 2021. I stood tall and proudly swore my allegiance to the United States of America. I greatly admire our founding fathers and their love of country as they crafted the Constitution of the United States of America. Now I stand ready to serve my fellow citizens to ensure broader diversification of Ketchikan’s economy, to address our critical housing shortage, and to create a more culturally inclusive community.

My ability to draw on more than 30 years of experience in business and finance provides me with a unique perspective to analyzing budgets, reducing costs and value-engineering large projects. As an internationally successful businessperson, I will bring a keen eye to reviewing municipal proposals, financial records and infrastructure needs.

If elected, I will work diligently on behalf of every resident in the Borough. There is an urgent need to broaden our economy. We are far too dependent on seasonal cruise ships, while we should be focused on recruiting more sustainable businesses for a brighter future. Based on my vast business knowledge and experience, I am confident that I will make our beautiful Borough, an even better play to live, work, play and visit!


Attended the College of New Caledonia, Prince George BC. Completed studies for Conveyancing Paralegal degree. Worked for several years thereafter in a law firm

Graduated from The University of British Columbia in 1982 with an expedited degree in Business Management.

Held the top management position for a group of private fitness/sport clubs, which required Red Cross Medical Certification.

Skillfully worked as a critical First Aid & Security Officer at a northern Manitoba gold mine.

Earned an International Finance degree at Toronto School of Business. Honored as the shared valedictorian. Prior to departing the graduation ceremony, received offers for several positions at multiple banks in Canada.

Established Cheradon Consulting, which successfully designed and set up IT systems and networks for a wide variety of startups and established companies in Saskatoon, SK. Canada.

Relocated to the US and formed Pacific Sun Consulting in Maui HI. Provided personalized financial business management services for diverse clients ranging from local retailers and repair shops to large medical office practices.


Community Issue 1:

Affordable Housing ~ with the continued rising costs of lumber and shipping, the word “Affordable and Housing” seem not to fit together well. I believe I have an idea, an outside of the box idea, to recycle, what seems to be a new growing abundance within the State of Alaska and turn these into affordable housing. This idea would set our State up as joining other States in this pioneering project, recycling waste to wonder. I believe we all should be a good stewards to our land.

Community Issue 2: 

Our Seniors ~ As our current economy continues to rise, our seniors will feel these inflation increases far quicker than most, their senior structured income is not increasing at the same ratio. This is creating a HUGE problem for our elders. I will fight to maintain the local senior citizens “sales tax exemption rate”, and If need be I will find a way to creatively come up with extensions and/or exemptions to benefit our seniors.


I will give proper due diligence and research when reading the budget packet, then offer my best for our borough. My interest is making sure the money is spent reasonably, with accountably. I will listen to the residents of Ketchikan, and work hard with all political affiliations within our community. I hope to represent all the people of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough equally and with dignity. 

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