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Spencer Strassburg

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council
3 Year Term (3 Seats Open)

October 06, 2020 - Tuesday
Ketchikan Regular Election


Received: September 19, 2020
Published September 20, 2020

I’m Spencer Strassburg and I am running for a three-year seat on the city Council.

I have run for the past 5 years in regular elections and for 3 appointments.

jpg Spencer Strassburg Candidate for Ketchikan City Council

I won’t spend much time on my background information as most of you have heard it before or can find out like most locals and ask around (we all know each other). You can also see previous run information on my Facebook page “Spencer Strassburg for City Council”.

I’ve never cared for politics and political games and have learned much over the last five years about the politics in Ketchikan. There is a strong bully culture rooted in our city Council.  I believe that is what got me involved in this five-year commitment to make a difference in my community.

My motivation has been to represent the business community at the table as a balance has been heavily weighted towards nonprofit representation.  It is important for a balanced community to have a more equal representation as they are equally important to the community. I’ve been a very transparent and outspoken candidate and that hasn’t necessarily made me popular with some voting blocks in our community. If I am unsuccessful at this attempt, I will reassess my future runs in politics and stick to improving voter turn out as we will quite possibly not see change in leadership until we improve the less than 25% voter participation.

  • We need to stay competitive in the marketplace. * We need to investigate getting our own leases on the port.

  • We need to develop a homelessness plan.

  • We need to fix and develop our infrastructure.

Above all we need to make our own money!!!!

The political games that have been played for the last three appointments have taught me one thing: “I won’t win against these bullies alone!”

If you’d like to see more transparency and business leader ship at the table please consider supporting me with your vote!

Grab a buddy and get out and vote ..... we’re gonna need a gang!!

Remember: “If THEY don’t want me in politics that bad, YOU DO!!!!”






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