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Joey Jean Tillison

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council
3 Year Term (3 Seats Open)

October 06, 2020 - Tuesday
Ketchikan Regular Election


Received: September 04, 2020
Published September 05, 2020

My name is Joey Jean Tillson. I was born in Ketchikan and am related to a great number of the individuals who also reside here. I was raised in Juneau.  I have lived in a few different places in the lower 48 but found Alaska is my home so I returned for good.

jpg Joey Jean Tillison 

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council

I currently have an Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management with an undergraduate certifcation in General Management. I have worked with the State of Alaska for over 10 years, My current job is a social worker with the Division of Public Assistance. I have worked with the City of Ketchikanin the past for over six years with the Ketchikan Police Department.

I am the current Auxiliary President of the VFW Post 4352 and an auxiliary member of the American Legion, I am the Ketchikan Chapter President of ASEA Local 52 representing General Government Employees and also a union steward. I am also a member of the AFL-CIO as a Vice President in Alaska under ASEA’s membership. In the past I have participated with the Substance Abuse Task Force here in Ketchikan and have been an active supporter of the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition. I am also a member of the Alaska Peace Officers Association.

People have asked what my platform is and why I am running for City Council. The biggest driving force I can tell you is —we are in for a lot of change in our community. There appears to be more negative changes than positive changes and it's gotten pretty dark during these times. I have always been a person who can find something positive, even if it’s just a sliver, in a very negative situation. I believe our community is in for some very tough times. I know as long as we continue to apply the same formula to a different problem it’s not going to give us the results we hope.

My hope is to try and offer assistance with our council in providing resources, ideas for jobs, ideas for revenue, ideas for reducing costs, but also providing the best quality care for our community.  To be able to make tough decisions but ones which will bring positive changes and longevity for a stronger economic future for our town. I have a background in a number of different areas which allows me to know how our community has been run. I have seen the struggles of our community members. I have also seen our successes and what works.
My dad raised me to always help, no matter what. If I can offer some experience and education to the council to improve our economy, to provide for our community members, and to do so in a way that will add value and security. But not just our current community -- future members who reside in our little town as well.

I know I will probably make a few enemies because as each council member has found there is always going to be somebody who doesn’t like something about major decisions being made. I have tough skin and can handle criticism, I also can handle doubt and chaos,but a huge part of the job will require understanding and compromise. I believe that I can handle all of those to the best of my ability.

I have an investment in every single member of this community and the fact of the matter is, I just care too much about this community to see it struggle. As long as I sit by and do nothing—nothing will change if I don't invest everything I can to make it work. People talk about  what they would do if they could do something. I’m done talking about it it’s time to act. It’s time to participate. As long as we ignore the problem we are part of the problem.




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