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Ketchikan Borough Election
OCTOBER 01, 2019

Leslie Becker

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board
1 Year Term - 1 Seat To fill


Filed for Office: August 15, 2019
Statement Received August 29, 2019
Published September 02, 2019 PM
Last Updated: September 02, 2019

Candidate Statement: Leslie Becker, incumbent School Board member, appointed to School Board April 24th, 2019, running for 1 year term.

jpg Leslie Becker Candidate for Ketchikan School Board 2019

I am a firm believer that public education is the most important and precious seed the community can sow into the lives our children. I believe it is our duty to actively engage in supporting the educational development of our kids to guide them into being prepared, well rounded, contributing adults who will carry on our legacy. Working as a board member offers a wonderful opportunity to help guide policy, engage in strategic planning and work to appraise outcome results.

Professionally, I am a seasoned healthcare executive with 35 years of leadership experience working with large hospital systems and healthcare corporations. I bring a broad depth of experience in strategic planning, revenue growth and new program development. I have managed multimillion-dollar budgets, lead numerous departments and large numbers of staff.

My prior community service includes serving four years on the Executive Board for the Santa Ana, California Chamber of Commerce. Here I also chaired the Public Private Economic Development Committee. Santa Ana’s population exceeds 325,000 citizens and is extremely diverse in ethnicity, social and economic structures. Despite community difficulties we were successful in bringing private business owners and government agencies together to sponsor programs to offer education and job training.

What I offer the Ketchikan Gateway School District is significant experience in business planning, budget management, program turn around and negotiation. At every opportunity I do my best to dig in to understand all sides of an issue and take the time to fully evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before making a final decision. I am a strong, collaborative leader, willing to roll up my sleeves to work with my fellow board members to get the job done.

What I have learned as the mid-term appointed incumbent to this seat, is the role and responsibilities of a school board member are complex and require significant commitment to vetting out issues to develop more comprehensive knowledge and understanding. Over the last four months I have had the advantage and opportunity of working with the Board and to study and get up to speed on many issues which will allow me to be a fully contributing member on day one of the remaining, very short, one-year term.

If this resonates with you, I would appreciate your vote.

Thank you!

Leslie Becker




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